Top 5 Bedroom Furniture Options

The best way to create a relaxing bedroom is with matching furniture that’s simple and sturdy. You don’t want your bedroom to feel crowded but still fit all the necessary comforts and conveniences. Be mindful of your allotted space as you go. Start with the staples and branch out from there. As you decide on your bedroom’s style, see which of these pieces of bedroom furniture you can’t live without.



Your bed, or head board, is the most important pieces of furniture in your bedroom, and not just because it’s where you sleep. The type of bed you choose will set the tone of your whole room and narrow down your additional furniture options. Whether you go with a rustic style or something more modern, make sure your bed is high quality and durable.


Whether you like to sink into your bed at night or you prefer firm support, there’s a mattress out there for you. Memory foam mattresses offer plush comfort with material that conforms to your body while more traditional innerspring mattresses feature a reliable construction and typically lower price tags. Be sure to choose a mattress that both you and your back can rely on for years to come.



A dresser is one way to store your clothes, but it’s also an extra surface for displaying decor accents. You’ll want to coordinate this vital piece of furniture with your other bedroom pieces. Dressers are typically either short and wide or narrower and taller. Go with a mirrored dresser to add a touch of glam and give your bedroom a roomier appearance.


A nightstand, or bedside table, is one of the most useful types of furniture you can have in your bedroom. You can put items you want at hand’s reach in its drawers, such as eyeglasses or sleeping masks. You’ll usually want a matching set of two nightstands, one for each side. The surface of your nightstands should be nearly level with the top of your mattress for ease of use and visual symmetry. Coordinate these pieces with your dresser and bed for a consistent theme throughout your bedroom.



A chest is a great piece of accent furniture to place at the foot of your bed. Fill it with extra blankets for cold nights or out-of-season clothing you don’t know where to store. A chest can also serve as a convenient bench for putting on shoes or folding laundry.


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