Turn Your Bedroom Into a Tranquil Retreat

You need a spot in your home that’s all yours. A place where you can go after the hectic day to relax and refresh for the next one. Your bedroom can (and probably should) be the most relaxing room in your home and if it’s not, we’ve got a few decorating tips to make it a tranquil retreat.

The key to a serene room is (near) silence. If you’ve got a few children running around, you know that silence is almost impossible to achieve but giving it a go can’t hurt. If your floor doesn’t have carpet to absorb the sound, your room probably sounds echo-y. To get rid of a little bit of that, place a thick rug or two in the room. Invest in a sound machine that plays peaceful sounds like water flowing or fire crackling to drown out unpleasant noises like sounds from the road or an especially loud tv in another room.

Smells like lavender and chamomile are scents of serenity to help you relax throughout the evening and night. Install an infuser in your room and stock up on various scents to help you when you need a little boost in tranquility. Include a few candles lying around for a quick pick-me-up, too.

Soft colors are best for a distraction-less and peaceful night. Neutral whites, grays, and pinks exude serenity for the bedroom. Bold colors attract your eye and may keep you up all night while fresh, light colors take you to a calm place to help you slip into a  deep sleep.

Keep your room clutter-free to allow the space to feel lighter and more peaceful. Put only essential pieces of furniture in there to keep out the illusion of a cramped room and to keep your focus on relaxing.

Fill the walls (or just one accent wall) with pictures of things you find peaceful and tranquil. You don’t want a slew of visually stimulating pictures but a few of serene flowers, travel landscapes, or even your children can relax you enough to make the night a restful one.

Make sure your bedroom is a calm space for you to relax in, a place for you to be able to spend a tranquil night in, and a spot for you to rest peacefully in.

For more tips or a look into some of the bedroom furniture we have to stock your room with a tranquil makeover, contact us today.


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