Use Your Bedroom Decor To Make Your Room Look Bigger

Having a small bedroom can make you feel a little trapped. Did you know that you can make your room appear to be larger than it actually is based on your bedroom decor, fashion and paint?

Add Shelves/Cubbies

If you are in need of storage but don’t have enough space for it all, then built-in shelves or cubbies might be the perfect choice for you. You can have them built around your bed or along your surrounding walls. This isn’t difficult to do and your room will look amazing afterwards.

Use Light Paint

In some rooms, using dark colors can make your room “shrink”. The dark paint can absorb the light in the room instead of reflecting it. Painting your room in lighter colors can actually make it look and feel bigger. White and pastel colors can really help you achieve this goal.

Purchase A Bed With A Slim Design/Built In Drawers

If you live alone you should consider investing in a bed that is somewhat slim or shaped in a way that will allow you to have more space in your bedroom. Daybeds and bunk beds are perfect for this. If you don’t live alone and share your bed with a partner, you can purchase a bed that reveals its legs to take up less visual space.  Each of these types of ‘small’ beds will make your room look larger as the eye notices the larger amount of open space.

If you need additional storage in your small bedroom, consider choosing a bed that has drawers for storage.

Add Mirrors

Placing mirrors in your home will double the room’s visual space.  The more open space your eyes see, the larger the room appears.

And, they also lighten up the room, again making the room seem larger than it really is.  Mirrors bounce the light around a room with no natural light and make it look more open. Purchasing full length mirrors or putting mirrors behind furniture (but allowing them to still be visible) will  allow you to maximize your mirrored area.

Place Wallpaper On The Ceiling

blue walled room

This sounds crazy right? Well don’t knock it until you’ve seen it in action.

Well guess what, it works! Adding a decorative accent up high makes the room feel bigger. The reasoning behind this is because this will draw your eyes upward. This will create the illusion that your ceiling is raised higher than it truly is. Cool huh?

Consider paint (trompe le lai, etching, textures, chalk paint), vinyl, wood trim, tin ceiling tiles or wallpaper to make your ceiling pop.

Use Lamps Instead Of Hanging Lights 

Hanging lights like a chandelier will cover up a ton of space on your ceiling which will make it look smaller than it really is. To open up your room more use lamps around the room. You can use the lamps that stand on the floor and will fit snugly behind a piece of furniture or you can use one that will fit on a table.

Are you ready to go try out these awesome ideas? Before getting started, be sure to contact Custom Furniture and Flooring for some fun ideas. We have a variety of furniture pieces that will have your room looking more like a spacious castle instead of a tiny cave in no time.


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