4 Ways to Protect Your Floor from Daily Life4 Ways to Protect Your Floor from Daily Life

4 Ways to Protect Your Floor from Daily Life

Our floors take a beating. They have to put up with dirt and mud from our shoes as well as spills and stains from food, pets, and more. All of these things can cause your floors to age prematurely and require you to make costly repairs. How can you make the most of your investment? Whether you’ve got wood, vinyl, or carpet flooring, there are steps you can take to protect your floor.

Use an Area Rug

Large rugs are a popular choice for both carpeted and hardwood areas, because they cover the entire area and protect it from traffic and spills. Area rugs are especially popular under dining room tables or next to couches, where people will be walking the most. When selecting a rug, it’s better to spend a little extra and get one that’s high quality– if a cheap rug gets wet from a spill or shampooing, the colors can bleed through onto your carpet and leave an impossible stain.

Wax your Floors

Hardwood floors should be waxed regularly to maintain their highest possible quality. Not only will this protect them from the ins and outs of daily life, but it will also bring out their best features and make them shine like they’re brand new. If it’s been a while since your floors were last waxed (or you can’t remember when it was done) you can pick up a quality wax product at most large retailers.

Pick the Right Colors

When it comes to carpet, sometimes keeping the floor looking good is as simple as picking out the right colors. Lighter colors are notorious for showing stains, so if your home has a lot of potential spills and messes, you should opt out of white or beige shades. Darker colors like red and blue help to hide messes so things naturally look cleaner.

Mind Your Furniture

There are countless horror stories of homeowners who are in the process of moving furniture only to discover terrible scratches on their hardwood floors. Certain pieces of furniture (especially chairs) are highly likely to scratch up your floor if they’re put on it without some sort of protection. Fortunately, you can purchase products to put underneath furniture legs to keep them off the floor and prevent them from scratching it. You can get these at most stores, and they’re an extremely cheap way to prevent a much bigger expense down the road. 

When looking into the types of flooring to put in your home, consider the area and be sure to know the various ways you can protect your floor from your busy life.


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