What is Our Catalog Kiosk?

Custom Flooring and Furniture has been in business since 1962. Now, we have all experienced firsthand how technology allows us to create, stay in touch, and live like we never thought possible. We can do everything from our phones and handheld devices like turning on the oven, lights, TV, and A/C without ever leaving our chair. So, we are keeping up with the times by offering our NEW Ashley kiosk to our customers.


This kiosk introduces shoppers to an interactive experience that helps them discover and purchase the Ashley Furniture and accessories to complement their lifestyle. It will provide inspiration via a product catalog filled with flawless looks for each room. Each page showcases multiple lifestyles and is filled with furniture and accessories for every taste and style.


It’s easy to use, items are sorted for you by rooms for convenient browsing, and you can even have your favorite items sent to your cell phone or email. Our new kiosk is wonderful way to experience our huge selection of new name brand furniture, mattress and bedding, outdoor furniture, home decor and more at your finger tips and in one location.


Times have changed and we are changing with them, but one thing that will always remain the same here is our first-rate customer service. We are locally owned and take pride in serving our friends and neighbors with friendly smile and a handshake while offering top quality furniture, flooring, and décor to suit any style. Come by today to see how our new Ashley kiosk can help you “visualize” your ideas and make them a reality.

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