When is is Time to Replace Your Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is a fantastic choice when you want a floor that looks like wood, yet you don’t have the budget for it. It mimics the look of wood, but is instead made of multi-layer synthetics. Still, no matter how well you care for the laminate flooring, it won’t last forever. You’ll need to know when to fix it and when to replace it altogether.



Sometimes laminate flooring can start to peel after years of use, or it could start peeling sooner than that if it becomes damaged by water or over-heating (if your floors are heated). Once peeling occurs, it’s nearly impossible to find an easy fix, so you’ll need to replace your laminate flooring when this happens.



Few things can be as annoying to homeowners having a laminate floor that’s peaking. Peaking means that the floor is sticking up and creating a high point in the areas where the floorboards meet. The most common reason for this is a lack of expansion space. If this problem continues to deteriorate the flooring, you will need to replace the laminate.



What is going on when you start to hear a crack or a pop when you walk on your laminate flooring? This isn’t an uncommon occurrence for homeowners. It may mean that the flooring wasn’t properly installed, so be sure to check that out. If it’s not severe, you may be able to get away with keeping the flooring as is and delay replacement for at least several months.



With laminate flooring, sometimes the floorboards pull away from each other over time. Severe drops in temperature often cause this. To help prevent gapping, be sure that the laminate floorboards have been left in all the conditions that the room may have before installation. Once gapping occurs on completed laminate flooring, you will need to replace the entire floor.


If your laminate flooring has multiple issues that are impossible to solve with quick fixes, it’s definitely time to replace it. While a rug may cover a small problem area, the issue is likely to continue to grow. Replace laminate flooring that is starting to look worn and has a few issues, in order to keep your house looking fabulous. After all, the floor can set the style for the entire room.

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