Why Bed Frames Are Important

Nothing makes for a quality night of sleep like a quality bed. And the best beds are more than just mattresses. They’re a union of mattress and frame— that’s why they call it a ‘bed’ frame! Like good things in life, a bed can only be the best it can be when things come together. Without a bed frame, you’re missing out on one half of the equation. We spend a third of our lifetime in our beds. Getting the most out of your bed is essential to have the highest quality of life. Here are just a few more reasons for why having a bed frame is important.


Improved Sleep Health

Bed frames improve the air flow of the area around the bed. This prevents heat from becoming trapped underneath, which could lead to an uncomfortable night spent dealing with hot flashes. The added elevation allows for the person resting on it to get up and off it easier, and the increased height from the floor increases the level of comfort, as well. 


Extended Mattress Life Expectancy

Having a bed frame support your mattress does more than just save you time spent tossing and turning about. It saves you money, too! The support provided by having a foundation beneath your mattress reduces the average wear and tear on the mattress, which in turn extends the life expectancy of your mattress. The longer a mattress retains the positive qualities you need for a good night’s rest, the less you’ll need to look for a new one. 


The Fashion of Foundations

When fashioning a room, one of the core pieces to decorate with, the part that takes up the biggest space in the room, is the bed. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that what your bed looks like and the function it serves in your room is a large part of home design. It’s no secret that we feel better when we’re surrounded by the the kind of stuff we like. There’s a reason for why people go to great lengths to customize their bedroom. And, considering the centerpiece of every bedroom is the bed. But all the patterns and shades and pillows and comforters that can you can adorn your bed with won’t matter if you can’t see it well. A bed frame serves as a sort of podium, something that appropriately elevates your bed to a proper stature, so that your eye-catching bed can be appreciated closer to eye-level. 

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