Why Buying Furniture Locally is Best

There are some things that may be best to buy online, but with others, you’ll do much better to pick them up at your local store. Buying furniture is something we think you should do in person. Even if you’re an Amazon Prime whiz or Ebay connoisseur, consider these three reasons to buy locally for your next furniture purchase.

Support Small Businesses

In our world today, the big corporations make most of the money, and small business sometimes end up slipping through the cracks. It’s hard for your local mom-and-pop stores to make it when big companies come in and undersell them on everything. You can help your local business owners keep their doors open by spending your money there instead of with an online company whose office is in another state or even another country. You’ll also get the benefit of personalized service, a friendly face, and working with people you know personally.

See Before You Buy

One of the biggest drawbacks to buying online is that you can’t see the item you’re buying before you buy it! Sure, there are pictures, but we’ve all had the experience of seeing a great deal on the internet and getting something in the mail that looks nothing like what we ordered. Furniture might be one of the most important purchases to see before you get it, because it’s a big investment, and you want it to hold up to wear and tear while being comfortable. You don’t want something that’s flimsy or a pain to sit on. Buying locally means that you can go into a store and try it out for yourself before you commit.

Don’t Pay for Shipping

Shipping costs can quickly turn an affordable purchase into one that breaks the bank. Furniture is especially bad at this, because it comes in one of two ways: 1. All in one piece, which is big and heavy and thus costs a lot to ship, or 2. In several small boxes, all of which may need their own postage and still cost a lot to ship. Or you might be required to drive to the location and pick up your purchase– only problem, your seller might be a hundred miles away or even more. In contrast, some local furniture stores will offer free delivery within a certain distance of the store. Or, if you’re a real DIY-er, you can just get hold of a pickup truck and take it home yourself for no extra charge.

Remember that we at Custom Furniture and Flooring are set on being your go-to furniture, flooring, mattress, and blind store. Our family-owned local business is ready to help you furnish your home just the way you want it, with no hassle, no shipping costs, and the opportunity to see and fall in love before buying furniture.


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