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Why Carpet Floors in Winter

Nobody likes a freezing house. We go to great lengths to ensure our needs are met comfortably, from setting up fireplaces to air conditioning, bit there’s only so much those things can do for your flooring situation. Not all materials conduct heat in the same way, and some types of floors, like wood, are notorious for their habit of not retaining any heat, leaving you with an ice-cold floor and dreading the thought of getting up. Unlike wood, carpet makes for a wonderful insulator and allows for a cozy start to the day, even in the middle of winter. Here are a few reasons to consider a carpet floor for those who wish to avoid getting frozen feet this winter season:


Cut Down on Cold and Billing Costs

Carpet is famous for its insulation value. When heating a home, a number of factors are considered, and the flooring is no exception. The R-value is something that relates to this fact. The greater the R-value of a home, the less likely it is to lose heat. A home that needs a constant flow of hot air blowing through it is going to be more expensive to heat than one that grows colder at a much slower rate. Carpet floors trap heat in, making them a budget-friendly choice for winter homes in addition to a foot-friendly one.


Non-Slip Surfaces

Winter is a time of various forms of precipitation, most notably for snow. While rain can make for a slippery doorway, we recognize the danger of a wet floor and mop it up or wipe our feet at the welcome mat before it can really be tracked inside. Snow, on the other hand, can be deceptive in spreading slick surfaces around. In its original frozen state, it is a solid, and doesn’t look like a threat to one’s balance at first glance, but that quickly changes under the heat of your cozy home. Wood floors are very prone to causing accidents, especially when bringing goods inside the house and are too busy to be on the lookout for future slip hazards. Carpet, on the other hand, does not get slippery when wet. This can be handy when dealing with groceries or managing the safety of your family. Slick stairs is a recipe for disaster. With carpeting, you wouldn’t need to be so vigilant about keeping your house free of spills. 


Fashion and Comfort

There are a lot of great designs to choose from when selecting a floor, and the warm look of darker colors can make for a nice contrast to the wintry atmosphere outside. Carpet fibers are highly customizable for patterns and colors, making them a fashionable choice in addition to a practical one. With wood, you’re limited to a certain number of designs, and nobody can really customize the flow of its grain. Carpets can be custom-designed, don’t make a loud noise when being stepped over, and create a cozy atmosphere to escape the cold in. 

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