Why Floors Creak

You’ve always heard that the house is just settling or something similar when the floors creak, but it’s a little more scientific than that. There are several reasons your floor might be creaking or squeaking, whether you’re in an older home or a newly built one. Let’s take a look at the different ways your floor might be making some noise.


The subfloor just might be the problem. It needs to be properly secured before the new floor gets installed and subpar construction doesn’t always allow that to happen. If it isn’t, there will be space in between the subfloor and new flooring and the motion of walking back and forth over time moves the flooring (and the nails) up and down, creating the creaking sounds you hear when you walk over it.

Expanding and Contracting

Wood flooring can expand and contract based on a number of factors. Humidity inside the house, weather outside, and just general wear and tear from constant movement can cause the expansion or contraction of your wood flooring. With the extra space from contraction or the bulging that occurs with expansion, creaking is inevitable.

Everyday Use

When walking on any type of  flooring, you are adding your weight and movement to the floor. This motion pushes the nails in and out of the subfloor and the boards can rub together, causing that squeaking sound you hear. Even certain pieces of furniture that have added weight frequently and may even move slightly from time to time (like couches and chairs) can cause flooring to warp and no longer be as rigid as it was.

How to Fix It

There’s not much you can do to fix the issue of wood shrinking or expanding but if the problem is the subflooring, you have a few options. You can rip up the top flooring and secure the sub floor better or add extra support to hold the boards where they should be. If humidity is the issue, try to keep your home cool and dry as much as possible. As for everyday use, your home is meant to be lived in and there’s no harm in having a few wear and tear signs.

If you’re looking for new flooring or just someone to fix that subfloor issue, don’t hesitate to call on us to help you out if your floor creaks.


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