Why Summer is a Great Time To Upgrade Your Home

During the summer months, most are looking to improve the exterior of their houses by doing renovations and purchasing new patio furniture. But the summer months are actually the best time to buy interior furniture too. Knowing how furniture inventory works can help you save a bundle at checkout and upgrade your home for summer.

Furniture goes through seasons just like clothing does. The best time to buy that new bathing suit is when the fall season is starting. This is because stores are trying to lower their inventory to make room for fall styles. This same principle can be applied to your furniture buying. New furniture styles are introduced twice a year, around February and August. This makes around January and July the sweet spot for buying furniture. These months are known for price cuts or sales on all remaining inventory before the new styles arrive.

Sprucing up the bedroom in summer is a good idea for several reasons. Between Memorial Day and the end of July, great deals can be found on bedroom furniture. When everyone else is busy with beaches and barbecues, furniture stores are silently marking down these pieces. The reasoning is the same, furniture stores are trying to lower their inventory for the new August styles coming. Get a new La-Z-Boy for the man cave or an Ashley sofa for the living room during this time

This principle can also be applied when shopping for a new mattress. Most experts recommend buying a mattress near a holiday, specifically Presidents Day, Labor Day, Fourth of July, and Memorial Day. This makes May through July the optimal time to purchase. These holidays are known for huge discounts when purchasing a mattress. Get yourself a new one or stock your guest room for those overnight guests.

This summer, take advantage of the many pieces of furniture that still need homes before the new versions come out. Take a look at our showroom and you’re sure to find plenty of pieces to upgrade your home for the summer.


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