Why You Need a Professional to Install Wood Flooring

Flooring projects can be expensive, and when you’ve got a big job ahead of you, you’re looking for ways to cut costs. It can be tempting to skip out on a professional installer and try to put down your floor yourself. Many would-be DIYers go this route every year, only to find themselves spending more money to repair mistakes than they would have to just pay the pros to do it the first time around. Read on to see why you need a professional to install your wood flooring for you.

Cost of Equipment

There’s more to putting down a floor than just buying the materials– you’ll also need the right tools. You’re going to be cutting and sanding your floor to fit corners, and the more unusual your floor plan, the more you need specialized equipment to do the job right. The pros already own all the tools they need, so they won’t be asking you to pay for them out of pocket like you’ll have to if you do things yourself. They also know the best brands for the job, so you won’t risk going out on your own and buying a faulty product that will fail you halfway through the project.

Time Involved

Depending on the size of your home and how many rooms you’re reflooring, professional installation can take anywhere from an afternoon to a few days. Doing it yourself will take much longer– you’ll have to spend some time educating yourself on what to do, and you’ll be moving slowly so that you don’t make a costly mistake. You’ve already got enough on your plate with your job, housekeeping duties, and family obligations. Don’t spend all your free time struggling with your floor, or have your home in DIY limbo for weeks at a time. Bring in the pros and get it done fast.

Skill Level

This is perhaps the biggest reason for professional installation of all. The pros know what they’re doing– they put in floors all the time. It’s quite literally their job. Because of this, they’ve likely had years of experience. In everything you do, the more you practice, the better you become. Your installer knows the ins and outs of flooring, and he may notice things that an amateur DIYer would miss. If you use a professional, your floor will not only turn out looking better, but it will also be less prone to issues down the road.
It’s tempting to try to save a few bucks by installing your flooring yourself, but as we’ve seen, it’s much better in the long run to have it done by the professionals. Call on us today to get a professional in your home for your new wood flooring project.

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