Why You Should Never Buy a Couch on Facebook Market

Let’s face it: furniture is expensive. It can be tempting from time to time to gamble with online auction web pages in search of a bargain. But far from something valuable found at a reduced price, you’re more likely to find a rip-off. Sites like Facebook Market are a hotspot for shoddy goods and illicit salesmen. Facebook Market isn’t professionally regulated, which means that the only thing stopping you from encountering a crooked deal is the dubious principle of a user review. A positive seller’s rating can be faked, and even a high rating doesn’t mean that their character is infallible. And remember, Facebook Market carries no 30-day back warranty.


Couches With “History” Are Best Left Avoided


Name That Stain is a game no-one wants to play – especially if you have no way of knowing what it could be. You have no idea where a Facebook Market couch has been, let alone who or what has been on it, for that matter. No amount of deep cleaning can ever erase the knowledge that your Facebook Market couch could be older than you are, with enough DNA across the generations to match. Who knows how much hair, spit, or other fluids a used couch could have saved in all its crevices? Not to mention the bugs. You don’t want to risk letting pests inside with the invitation of a used couch. Save yourself the hassle of long-term problems caused by short-term gains. Don’t buy from Facebook Market.


Don’t Leave Credibility to Conjecture

Facebook Market is not a reliable source of integrity. When the worst consequence a seller could have for falsely advertising a product is a bad review, you risk attracting people whose character may not amount to as much as what they ask for. While Facebook Market might work face-to-face, there’s no guarantee that what you buy will be bought at its face value. Facebook Market does not require any of its sellers to provide proof that what’s being sold is legitimate. You could be buying the cross-breed of a three-legged sofa and a slice of Swiss cheese for the price of a gently used couch. Don’t mistake shoddy goods for a good deal.


Stranger Danger

It would be a cruel irony for you to meet a Facebook Market salesmen with the intent of making a steal, only to end up with something of yours being stolen instead. Many facebook salesmen are disingenuous in regards to what some are willing to pull just to make a sale; even if your purchase doesn’t end in a robbery, time and effort can end up stolen away when you cater to the unreasonable requests of unscrupulous sellers. And in the case of a robbery, you could lose a lot more than the bargained price of a would-be couch. There’s a very real danger associated with online auctions. It would be so much easier to just buy from a professional furniture company than to risk all the unknown variables associated with Facebook Market. Why not check us out? We’re a reliable, trustworthy company, and we’ll never ask you to meet in a stranger’s backyard to finalize a transaction. When it comes to quality, you can count on us. Remember, “You can trust ‘em at Custom!”

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